Pastel chalk made near Stevns Klint

Chalk Copenhagen is a small company driven by a passion for colors, art, and environmental responsibility. We are housed in Højerup on Stevns Klint in simple production rooms, where we enjoy the fantastic view over the cliff, the sea, and the fields.

Here in these beautiful surroundings, we produce chalk with great commitment and at the same time enjoy the peace of mind to play around with different pigments and natural materials and experiment with the development of new colors and products.

We started the development of our sustainable pastel chalk in 2018 and in 2020 we started offering our pastel chalk in artist shops and museums around Denmark.

We are constantly working on new sustainable and innovative solutions and are proud in a very special way when we get compliments for our chalk. This is because we develop the recipes ourselves, mix and match the colors, knead, roll, dry, cut, and pack the chalk to finally send them out into the world to people who share our passion and joy for quality, color, and creativity.

In 2020, in collaboration with Skagen's Art Museums, we developed a series of pastel chalk based on the colors used by Anna Ancher. These chalks are only sold at Skagen Art Museums.


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