Køb pastelkridt i mange farver hos Chalk Copenhagen

Pastel chalk for professional artists

Our pastel chalks are used by professional artists, architects, designers, students, and others with an interest in art and sustainability.

Many of the pigments we use are identical to those which were used in painting for centuries, and there are many thousands of years old cave paintings, which to this day can be seen in e.g. Southern France among other places, also created with these amazing pigments. Natural and lightfast pigments appear with the delicate material expression that is only found in natural materials.

There is a very high content of color pigments in the pastel chalks, which makes them smooth and delicious to use. They are very sensual to work with and allows for great freedom in the artistic process. You can work meticulously and in detail with the pastel chalks, or you can work intuitively and with large fast arm movements.

The color pigments can easily be mixed and blended together, there is no drying process, no steam, and plenty of opportunities to work on work, just when the inspiration and time are there.

It is possible to ensure that a finished work does not spread, by framing it with glass or by fixing the color. To that end, we have developed a sustainable fixative. It is presented in a small spray bottle and you add water yourself. In this way we avoid having to add preservative.  

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