Chalk Copenhagen oliepastel i forskellige farver

Soft and natural oil chalks

With our sustainable oil pastel chalks, we like to offer the possibility of working on various supports and achieve attractive effects. 

Our oil chalks are so soft and creamy, that you can overlap the colors directly on the paper, heat the surface with a hair dryer, or blend the colors with oil on a brush or cotton cloth . You can apply the oil pastel in more or less thick layers, scrape the surface with a knife or combine it with watercolour, acrylic or dry pastel.You can use it on a canvas, kardus, ground cloth, pastel paper, the back of an oilcloth, plywood... We hope this product can offer users the possibility of developing their curiosity, experiment and express their artistic sense while taking care of the environment. 

We produce our chalks We produce our chalks from natural wax, real natural pigments and oil harvested and pressed in Stevns. We believe in simple and natural principles, and refuse the use of preservatives, plastics, or pigments containing heavy metals.

Our products are aesthetic and sensual, the palette is thoughtful, the nuances are frank and the natural qualities of the pigments provide variation and effects, so that they can express tones from the most opaque to the most transparent. 

We appreciate the idea that there are no - or few intermediaries between the producer and the end user, we like to be in dialogue with our customers and are delighted each time to see their works made with our products. 

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